Educational games for the Cité de la Mer

La Cité de la Mer, "City of the Sea" in Cherbourg, France

These illustrations were created for educational games in the Cité de la Mer aquarium and oceanographic museum’s new permanent exhibition.
These games are composed of a series of backlit drums that the visitor can roll in order to recreate a series of food chains.
Other drums encourage the visitor to recreate two landscapes, one presenting photosynthesis, the other chemosynthesis in the depths of the ocean.
Another game illustrates different hydrothermal vents, helping the reader discover their names and characteristics.
The last game system lets the visitor recreate diving suits from different eras by combining the heads, torsos and legs of the characters.
These illustrations were created digitally with Photoshop.


Created for
Cité de la Mer (“City of the Sea”), Cherbourg, France