Hello! I’m Marie Ducom, a freelance science illustrator based in Paris.

Having graduated in Graphic Design (2014) and Scientific Illustration (2016) at the École Estienne, I apply my knowledge in both fields in order to translate complex scientific concepts into accurate and attractive creations. My work is tailored to answer the needs of the reader as efficiently as possible, whether it be for students, small children, professionals or others.

Be it fields such as medicine, botany, astronomy or anthropology, I am drawn to science in general, and love translating it into creative productions.

I would truly appreciate collaborating with you on whatever project you may have in mind: posters, educational illustrations, infographics, anatomical diagrams, how-to manuals, detailed studies, editorial work and many others.

If you would like to work together or if you are looking for an illustrator for your business, don’t hesitate to contact me !