Covid-19 vaccination

Agence régionale de santé PACA

These illustrations were created for the Agence régionale de santé PACA (regional health Agency) for a supplement about Covid-19 vaccines in the La Provence newspaper. They include a cover illustration, a comic strip and a series of infographics designed to present important information in a clear and unintimidating manner.
The infographics explain various topics related to vaccination to a general readership: the vaccines available in France (as of Febuary 2021), RNA vaccines and viral vector vaccines, the development phases of a vaccine, marketing authorisations for vaccines in Europe, the logistical challenges of the French vaccination campaign and vaccine eligibility.
A comic strip about immunity and the history of vaccination was created along with the infographics as an introduction to the general subject matter.
All of the contents presented here were created in Febuary 2021 and do not present any new information discovered after that date.
These illustrations were created digitally with Photoshop.

Illustration, graphic design, participation in research and writing

Created for
Agence régionale de santé Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur for La Provence